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Planning on Moving to France from the UK?

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Your Journey to La Belle France

Removals to France,
Seamless Relocation

Bringing You Closer to Croissants, Culture, and Countryside – The allure of France is undeniable. From its bustling cities to its picturesque countryside, living in France offers an experience rich in elegance, culture, and delectable cuisine. If you’re planning a move to this European gem, Giant Transport is your trusted companion. We are here to ensure a hassle-free transition from your Wiltshire home to the heart of France.

Beyond Borders

Moving to France

Moving internationally is a complex task. We get it, so we’ve crafted our services keeping in mind the specific intricacies of relocating to France. Our team is proficient in navigating through French regulations, making sure that your move is compliant, efficient and smooth.

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Bespoke Services

For Your Removal to France

Each move to France from the UK is unique. Maybe you’re relocating to a chic Parisian apartment or perhaps to a sprawling vineyard in Bordeaux. Our team, with its deep understanding of French locales, can tailor the removal process according to your specific destination.

Should you need storage solutions during your removals to France, our facilities are at your disposal, giving you the time and space you need to settle in at your own pace.

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Why Giant Transport

Moving to France,
Made Easy

France beckons with its charm and elegance. We customise our transportation, storage services and packing services to match your unique vision of living in France, be it in the Riviera, the Alps or the bustling urban centres.

Here are some other reasons to rely on our removals to France:

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    Cultural Sensitivity

    Understanding French customs and etiquettes, ensuring a smooth integration into local life during your removals to France.

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    End-to-End Services

    From initial planning to setting up your new home after moving to France from UK, we’re with you every step of the way.

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    Secure Transitions

    With our comprehensive coverage and safety measures in place, rest assured your possessions are in protective hands.

Client Testimonials

Moving & Storage Success Stories

  • Warren, Guy and Gary, we’re very polite and courteous. Nothing was too much trouble, worked very hard, and got the move done without any dramas. Very pleased with the whole job, and recommend Giant Transport anytime. Ps they like tea and coffee.

    Andrew Reed
  • A fantastic service from start to finish. Danny and his team moved us from Hanpshire to Sussex with no problems. A very polite professional team. Would highly recommend. No breakages. Do like a cuppa with sugar! Thank you for getting us to our new home and the laughs.

    Philip Gregory
  • We used these guys on Monday for an office move, great service and reasonable price too. Thank you for all your help in making the move easier for us.

    Kelly Sennett
  • Had a great experience with removals into storage. The team has been helpful from the go. The removal team on the day were kind, efficient and really respectful. They went above and beyond and made the experience as easy as possible.

    Claire Hall

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Considering moving to France from the UK?

If you’re considering moving to France from UK, reach out to us today for a free no-obligation quote. Let Giant Transport manage your move to France. This way, you can shift your attention to embracing the rich culture of your new home.

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